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What is metal foam?


Metal foam is a foam -gas bubble-filled substance-made out of metal, frequently Copper and Nickel. Metal foam comes in two varieties, closed-cell foam, with sealed pores, and open-cell foam, with open pores.

Metal foams have a very high porosity, where 75-95% of the volume of the material is empty, filled by air or hydrogen. Metal foams retain many of the characteristics of the metal used to produce them, such as non-flammability. On the other hand, metal foams are less conductive than solid metal, and are substantially weaker, though rarely weaker than wood. Metal foams are easily recyclable back into the original metal, making them more reusable than polymer foams.Metal foam is sometimes considered a subset of cellular metallic materials in general, which also includes "metal sponges," though often the term "metal foams" is used interchangeably with all cellular metallic materials.

Metal foam is a specialty material, used for aerospace, heat exchangers, and other high-performance applications.Because metal foam is stiff and light, it has often been proposed as a futuristic structural material, though it has not yet seriously been used as one.



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